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8/07/2020: Fourteen Days

๐ŸŒบ “So I say now, “Do miracles cease? They do not. Can love show up differently? Yes, it can. And, do answers come? They will in time.”Donโ€™t you ever doubt, just believe and never give up!”

Ana Katia- Adopted, December 04, 1981

Landing in America !

12/04/20 America

๐ŸŒบ๐ŸŽ TODAY, in the year 1981 on December 4th, this picture depicts the face of a little girl. A scared little girl dressed in a little red jumper saying her last goodbyes to not only her homeland and extended family. But a confused, and heavy goodbye to an unknown father, and abandoning biological mother. Her fate was to leave her homeland, Costa Rica, and never knowing if she’d return. THE LITTLE GIRL BEING ME. Next, adopted by my American family, I was brought to a strange land, and blessed to come to America. With Christmas fast approaching I had already known my entry to CHANGE would be accounted for from this day forward. What would I choose? Happy with a new family, and soon my first Christmas experience, it was true, many gifts dressed the tree to be given, but over time the question always of me, How many of these gifts would come with such a great price with learning first how to receive them.


โ€œChange is inevitable.โ€

โ€“ unknown

by Ana Katia-Adopted4ChangeJune 1, 2020


7/27/2020: Share your story

๐Ÿ–Œ๐Ÿ“–๐Ÿงก Adopted4Change felt honored and excited to work with, Rememberize!

To be honest with you, and me, I’ve been telling my story for years with others on a one-on-one basis in an effort to keep my story private. However, in time I had to learn casting my own fears aside was going to be more important, for a greater cause. When I reflect on how this came about I felt making a push, a movement, of a sense in the direction where the sharing of my own story would need to next come first from the central parts of my heart, by inspiration, to a calling you could say I could feel was after me. Truly, I don’t know what might manifest for you, or in what way you will personally share your story. But know this, God does not give us anything we cannot handle. He also knows us better than we know ourselves. Remember, in all CHANGE, first faith is necessary. And a journey of inspiration is needed where miracles dress the soles of your feet where you can walk upon. So, in whatever way or however your direction comes to you, listen up and know, YOU, YES YOU are unique also. A soul, which is never to meet perfection in this life, but a soul who has a message, and purpose in its courses of CHANGE. In all this, God the Almighty is the only one who can create that CHANGE, PURPOSE, AND STORY yours. Never forget, there is NO ONE like you. And because God created you, you are uniquely needed. Maybe already, or in time, God will manifest this will to you, and what is best for you. So today, ~ What does God lead you to share? Or considering, ~ What does God lead you to share and let go with him? Both are honorable to him who considers. For some will not be asked to be public in their story, but instead quiet in their influential efforts and effects on this great earth, and so can you. So today, and forever, be honest. Be honest with all of you. For one, MYSELF, who has traveled this VERY path of fearing to share my story, I also had to find and learn the hard way, that really my fears were just lies to myself. And further my needed learning. Together, my weaknesses were my learning, that’s okay. So, lastly, I additionally ask, ~ What will be your learning?
Today, my joy is knowing … FAITH, is stronger than fear. MIRACLES, endless in measure. May 20 years never keep you, as it has kept me, from keeping your story silent. Always, YOU HAVE A VOICE! AND IT TO MATTERS! ๐Ÿ™‚

#kindness #respect #equality
…PLEASE, NEVER wait as I had. For in each of us there is a story!

One …unique, powerful, and meaningful!!! #ShareYourstory #DontBeAfraid #YouCanDoIt #And Always #BeYou !!! Pura Vida ๐Ÿคฒ



– Pura Vida ๐Ÿคฒ

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